Rockaway Township Little League Baseball

Meeting & Volunteer Signups

We run on volunteer power!  Planning to lend a hand or attend an upcoming meeting?  

Volunteer Registration:  No matter if you plan to coach, be a team parent, a booster, or serve on the board, all volunteers are required to register.  Please complete online registration before actively participating in any league event as a volunteer (this is an annual requirement).

REGISTER:  http://RTBASEBALLWEB.COM/Registration/Default.asp?n=83136&org=RTBASEBALLWEB.COM


Board & Booster Meetings:  Click a link below and signup to let us know you'll be there.  We can't wait to have you on our team!



Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. Certification:  All volunteers serving in a coaching/on-field capacity must complete the Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. course (one-time requirement, good for all RT sports programs). 



Field Status
Away - Away TBD (6/26) 
Budd Lake Field - Budd Lake TBD (6/26) 
Burnham Park - Morristown TBD (6/26) 
Copeland Middle School - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Cubs Precision Baseball - Wharton TBD (6/26) 
DeLio Field - Parsippany TBD (6/26) 
Dennis B. O'Brien School - Dover TBD (6/26) 
Director's Field - Parsippany TBD (6/26) 
Ginty Field - Morristown TBD (6/26) 
Green Pond Bible Chapel - Newfoundland TBD (6/26) 
Heisteins field - Randolph TBD (6/26) 
Hudsonia Far - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Hudsonia Near - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
ISP - Far Field - Randolph TBD (6/26) 
ISP - Near Field - Randolph TBD (6/26) 
Lake Denmark Field - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Lakeland Little League - Stanhope TBD (6/26) 
Marcella Batting Cage - Rockaway OPEN (6/26) 
Marcella Field - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Montville - Montville TBD (6/26) 
Mount Olive High School - Flanders TBD (6/26) 
Municipal Building - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Peterson 1 - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Peterson 1 Batting Cage - Rockaway OPEN (6/26) 
Peterson 2 - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Peterson 2 Batting Cage - Rockaway OPEN (6/26) 
Peterson Field Shed - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Phillipsburg - Phillipsburg TBD (6/26) 
Private Batting Cage - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
River Park Field - Hackettstown TBD (6/26) 
Senior Citizen Building - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Station Park (Sparta) - Sparta TBD (6/26) 
TBD TBD (6/26) 
TBD - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
Turkey Brook Park - Budde Lake TBD (6/26) 
Vernon's Rec Center - Vernon TBD (6/26) 
WML A - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
WML B - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
WML C - Rockaway TBD (6/26) 
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